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Surfboard Growth Charts:
"Seeing the Writing on the Wall"

Finally, we figured out a way to practice what we preach.  You tell them not to write on the walls, then you pull out the pencil and mark up the door jamb!  Hang one of these hand made surfboard growth charts on the wall instead and send a clear message that you're excited about their growth. Our children's and toddler's growth charts are a fun way to measure your growing child.
Transfer old marks on the wall onto your new surfboard growth chart and have a permanent record that will be handed down to future generations. Size is 10"x 45"x 1/2". Click on the swatches below to see a close-up of each surfboard growth chart . Easy to install hardware and instructions come with each growth chart, except with the Thin Ply Charts.

Scroll Down To See All Available Styles. Click on the swatches to see a larger view of each chart.

childrens growth chart measuring your child's height with a growth chart surfboard growth chart

Personalization Now Available! Personalize your chart with your child's name.
Custom Red Panited Chart Pink Hawaiian Custom Chart Please enter your child's name the way you wish it to appear on the chart in the box below. Then click on "Add To Cart" to add the customization option.

Price: An additional $15

Baltic Ply Chart
  Price: $80

Thin Ply Chart
  Price: $39
Baltic Ply Surfboard Growth Chart
(1/4" Thin Ply)
Baltic Ply Surfboard Growth Chart
Baltic Ply
Bamboo Surfboard Growth Chart

Woody Charts  
    Price: $155
Woody Dark Surfboard Growth Chart
Woody Dark
Woody Light Surfboard Growth Chart
Woody Light

Painted Charts Price: $70
Pink Painted Surfboard Growth Chart
Red Painted Surfboard Growth Chart
Light Blue Painted Surfboard Growth Chart
Light Blue
Navy Blue Painted Surfboard Growth Chart
Navy Blue

Fabric Inlay Charts Price: $120
Hula Hula Surfboard Growth Chart
Hula Hula
On the Lanai Surfboard Growth Chart
On The Lanai
Lavender Luau Surfboard Growth Chart
Lavender Luau
Kauai Nights Surfboard Growth Chart
Kauai Nights
Pink Hawaiian Surfboard Growth Chart
Pink Hawaiian
Red Hawaiian Surfboard Growth Chart
Red Hawaiian
Royal Hawaiian Surfboard Growth Chart
Royal Hawaiian
Green Camo Growth Chart
Green Camo
Surfin Safari Surfboard Growth Chart
Surfin' Safari
Navy Vintage Boards Surfboard Growth Chart
Navy Vintage Boards
Coco Girl Surfboard Growth Chart
Coco Girl
Red and Gold Hawaiian Surfboard Growth Chart
Red and Gold Hawaiian
Stargazer Surfboard Growth Chart

Head High Creations is proud to offer the highest quality hand made wood children's room furnishings and fine surf themed home decor. Each growth chart, stepping stool, full length mirror, and wall mounted rack is made with attention to detail and made to look like a surfboard. Every child's room will be enhanced with these quality children's furnishings, with a fun tropical beach and surf theme. They make great gifts, are available wholesale, and are unique, novelty designs that can also be personalized. Get the surfboard growth chart, surfboard stepping stool, surfboard wall rack and surfboard mirror for an outstanding matching set, sure to be useful objects of enjoyment and appreciation in your family for a lifetime.

Bamboo Chart
  Price: $155

New Fiji Series Growth Charts
(1/4" thin ply)
Price: $52 Add to Cart
Pink/White Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Pink/Natural Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Red/White Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Red/Natural Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Blue/White Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Blue/Natural Fiji Series Surfboard Growth Chart
Head High Creations Surf Furnishings
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